Net In A Flash!

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Contact:Fred Finster

Quick Summary of VirtualBox Applications:

  • Internet Browser, Email
  • File Manager, Text Editor
  • Write, Calculator, Paint, Draw
  • Multimedia

Net In A Flash enables you to save money while doing more work, even allowing you to do magic by recovering data from destroyed PCs or by removing malware from Windows.

With Net In A Flash, you have instant internet access and can carry your programs and data anywhere.

Fast - Because Net In A Flash is small, it can live in your PC's memory and be ready to quickly execute your commands, whereas in other systems, programs are first read from drive storage before being executed.

Do More - Net In A Flash boots in less than a minute, even in old PCs, and it does not require antivirus software. Administering Net In A Flash is quick and minimal. With Net In A Flash, you just have to take care of your data, which you can easily save to USB flash (Then forget about your operating system!). Your data can be read by other computers.

Carry Anywhere (Portable) - Because Net In A Flash is able to live in CD/DVD or USB flash, as well as save data to these same devices, you can carry your programs and data with you.